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We could use your help. If you are interested in making a corporate donation, please e-mail Michael Robinson. As always, thank you for your generous support!

Help Educate the Evidence-Based Training of Decision Makers on Domestic Violence

How many times have you or someone you know said, "I want to help make a difference — one that really makes a substantial impact," but often you feel that the task is overwhelming?

CAFC has an opportunity for you to make such a difference, along with everyone you know who has been affected by domestic violence. You can ensure that decision makers can get DVDs of the best evidence-based domestic violence educational material available. Such decision makers include:

  • Counselors
  • Treatment providers
  • Judges
  • Family law practitioners
  • Policy makers

If you want to maximize your impact, this is also an opportunity that you will want to share with everyone that you know.

Just in case you haven't already heard, the DVDs from CAFC's historical 2008 conference, "From Ideology to Inclusion: Evidence-Based Policy and Intervention in Domestic Violence," are now available. There are 16 high-quality DVDs with over 18 hours of educational training presentations. The DVDs have the presenters' PowerPoint slides embedded within the video, and each DVD also has a print materials folder with all of the research and other documents that each presenter used for their presentation, including their Powerpoint handout.

No matter what beliefs or ideology someone currently holds regarding domestic violence, it is impossible for them to watch these DVDs and not come to a different realization of what the facts are. Simply put, they are extremely powerful in content and substance.

We have to remember that for over 25 years now, most (if not all) of the education and training for treatment providers, law enforcement, mediators/evaluators, judges and policy makers has come from just one perspective — that is, a perspective that is based upon and driven by ideology. This was the case until our 2008 conference. Because of the DVDs that were produced from our 2008 conference, domestic violence training materials reflecting an evidence-based perspective are now available.

Now, back to where you can help and how you can make a real difference. For a $250.00 donation toward CAFC's DVD training effort, "Sponsor the Evidence-Based Training of Decision Makers on Domestic Violence," we will send a complete 16-DVD set to the person or agency of your choice, in any state or country that you designate. For instance, it can be sent to:

  • Treatment providers
  • A law enforcement agency
  • Mediators/evaluators
  • Judges
  • Policy makers
  • The Chief Justice of your state's highest court
  • The head of the key figure in your state legislature's judiciary committee
  • The head of a child support agency
  • Policy chiefs
  • Elected officials in your state or country

The list goes on.

For a $150.00 donation, we will send an 8-DVD set, and for a $100.00 donation we will send a 4-DVD set of any of the DVDs that you choose from the catalog. PDF

If you're not sure who you want us to send it to, just tell us your state, city, county and postal code and we will send the DVDs to a key decision maker in your area who will likely make real difference.

How to Donate

To make it as easy as possible for you to donate, we have prepared a special form for you to fill out (available in either PDF PDF or Word Word). You can either mail us this form with a check enclosed, or fax it to us with a credit card authorization. The address and fax where you can send your donation are indicated in the form.

Please make your donation today, and start educating your local decision makers about the evidence-based facts on domestic violence. You will be making a real difference in your community. Thank you!

P.S. — Once you have sent in your donation form, why not download a second blank copy and e-mail it to a friend or colleague?