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Monday, October 2, 2006

Domestic Violence Bill Signed by Governor (AB 2051, Cohn)

For Immediate Release

Sacramento: CAFC Executive Director and Legislative Advocate Michael Robinson spoke with the Governors office regarding the signing of AB 2051 Cohn; Domestic Violence.

The Governor's staff informed CAFC that the Governor signed AB 2051 because he believed it moved domestic violence (DV) policy in a direction of becoming more inclusive. Despite his signature high level staff in the Governor's office confirmed he firmly believes that we should strive to address the needs of all victims of domestic violence regardless of gender or sexual orientation. More significantly his office indicated that they are interested in working with the Legislature, CAFC and other stakeholder groups to develop a policy that will better serve the entire population during the next legislative session.

While some may feel that the outcome of AB 2051 was a defeat, we think not. As a result of the legislative fight CAFC waged on AB 2051, legislators and the Governor's staff told CAFC for the first time they are better informed about the realities of domestic violence.

As a result we are encouraged that there is now wide and growing support for introducing legislation in the next session to address the needs of all victims -- including straight males and their children. Equally important, many if not all of the DV experts that CAFC has worked with over the last year on AB 2051 will continue to stand with us, as we move forward in the next session to bring about DV reforms that produce sound social policy that works for all victims and their children.

Michael Robinson