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We could use your help. If you are interested in making a corporate donation for 2008, please e-mail Michael Robinson. As always, thank you for your generous support!

CAFC Historic 2008 & 2009 Domestic Violence Conferences. 


CAFC produced two truly historic domestic violence conferences. The conferences were held in Sacramento during February of 2008 and in Los Angeles during June of 2009.

Never before had so many of the world renowned experts in the field of research, assessment, treatment and prevention  been assembled for single events.  Summary of Presenter Bios

As a result we were able to produced 36 DVDs covering 45 hours of video education and training materials.

The video is a short sample from some of the first 16 videos we produced. We expect to get an updated sample video soon with some clips from the remaining 20 DVDs soon.

See: Catalog with Abstracts

All of this was partly made possible through funding from The Saxton Family Foundation .

The conferences received international attention and attendance. This was due to all of the internationally respected experts that presented at the conference, as well as attendees that came from all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Easily 95 percent of those who had registered and attended the conference were with state, local and U.S. government agencies, including officials and staff from the Department of Health and Human Services.  It was also attended by a myriad of public health agencies, Social Services, law enforcement, treatment providers and family law practitioners.  The list goes on. In addition, several states had representatives from their Judicial Branches attend, including judges.

After going through the post conference surveys, we learned that most attendees gave the conference overall scores ranging in the 4 & 5's (with 5 being the highest score). We have heard directly from many attendees who are mediators and evaluators in family courts, and they called the conference the best they had ever attended on the issue. Many of them have been in the practice for 30 years. One District Attorney wrote:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and felt it was one of the best I'd ever attended (I've been attending DV conferences ever since the Judicial Task Force put on a statewide conference after the OJ case!)"

One of the presenters from Canada, who has done over 70 international scholarly presentations and published 23 peer reviews on domestic violence, e-mailed this:

"Thank you once again for an amazing experience! It was nothing short of awe-inspiring to see Straus, Pizzey, Mills, Dutton, etc. at one conference. You really pulled off an amazing feat. I will always remember that conference as a highlight of my career, as I am sure will many other attendees. Congratulations!"

Dr. Tonia Nicholls, Ph.D, BC Mental Health & Addiction Services and University of British Columbia

Another one wrote:

"I thought the conference was great. I was tremendously impressed by the openness of the attendees and the frankness of the presenters. Congratulations! I hope next year's conference builds on the momentum of this one and is an even bigger success."

And still another:

"This was the single best conference I have attended in my more than 30 year career. I have never seen such a stellar group of presenters in one conference! I am already looking forward to next year!"

John P. Condron, Court Approved Domestic Violence Evaluator, Child Custody Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, Idaho.


From the 2009 Conference:

Many thanks for a sensational conference, full of stimulating discussion and energizing to hear of the refocus toward male victims. Thank you so much for the collegial environment and your foresight into shifting the ideology. I look forward to returning next year, all going well.

Elizabeth Celi, Ph.D
Psychologist & Author
Elements Integrated Health Consulting
Melbourne, Victoria
Attended: 2009

An outstanding and pioneering conference focusing on critical issues of partner violence. Presenters were an excellent group of highly respected and renown national and international researchers and practitioners. The framework was balanced, sophisticated and grounded in scientific findings. I trust this valuable program will continue.

Martin Fiebert, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
California State University, Long Beach
Seal Beach, California
Attended: 2008

The choice of hotel for the conference was excellent. The rooms, food, service, [and] accessibility were wonderful.

I was impressed with the variety of workshops and presenters, and with the diversity of attendees' disciplines.

Sandra Smith and Eric McCollum's presentation was particularly powerful and helpful in terms of the overall content, practical information, and their work to make their program accepted by the "DV community."

New York state sorely needs a conference of this caliber and content. We are too often offered only the same presenters going over the same "party line propaganda." Michael [Robinson] talked with us about this. Thank you, Michael, for your extremely timely support.

Carole Fox, MA
Project Equality
Albany, NY
Attended: 2009

One of the best conferences in the area of domestic violence. A "Star-studded" event with all the researchers that have helped develop the field. I like the high caliber of presenters and narrowing the choices of the breakouts.

The facility was convenient and hospitable. The food and snacks were abundant, tasteful.

The conference overall was refreshing and solidified what I see in the field on a day-to-day basis, giving me new tools and approaches to take in working in the area of DV.

Virginia Beach, VA
Attended: 2009

This was my first CAFC conference and I am so glad I attended. The speakers were exceptional — tops in the field. The information shared was ground-breaking and vital for everyone who works in the field. I learned a great deal, which I am already using in my practice with clients. I also met several professional colleagues from all over the world that I fully intend to keep in touch with in the future. It was a great experience in all aspects, including the food! And if all this weren't enough, there were 17 hours of CEUs available to meet mandatory CEU requirements for domestic violence. I would recommend this conference to everyone in the field — and if you missed it, get a hold of the DVDs!

Psychotherapist, Group Facilitator
Orange County, California
Attended: 2009


This was the BEST conference yet on intimate partner abuse. I plan to not only use what I've learned in working with clients, but also share information with local judges, attorneys and probation officers. Thank you!

Santa Rosa, CA
Attended: 2009 2008 2007


A fascinating array of presentations that pitted researchers and practitioners working to the same ends together. The accomplished presenters provided useful research, reflected innovative, fresh approaches and the conference was quite professionally presented. I came as a law student, and I was struck by the disparity of current legal and social policy practices which run against the tenor and tone of what was collectively presented at the conference. In fact I was struck by how the very lectures, texts and guests on this subject which we are exposed to in law school mirror virtually none of the findings and understandings presented at this conference. I found useful the research on treatment programs, discussions about arrest policies and procedures and contemplations that we can and should be doing a better job of dealing with this social issue.

For my own interests I would like to have seen the relationship between the law and treatment addressed specifically. Either how best to educate people in law enforcement and working in the courts, as well as how best to effect policies that reflect the research. It would also have been interesting to have a presenter who worked in law enforcement . Lastly, would have liked to have seen one more group panel which could field questions, or have a moderator asking directed and tough questions as they relate to shaping policy.

But understanding that this was primarily for those involved with research, and those on the front lines providing assistance to victims and perpetrators this was a remarkably informative, intense conference which was well worth it. Many thanks and I admire and appreciate the enormous efforts of the organizers and the presenters.

Whittier School of Law
Costa Mesa, CA
Attended: 2009

Having been in the field of psychology for over fifteen years, I have had the opportunity to participate in and/or attend approximately fifty seminars. I felt that this conference was clearly in the top ten! This conference should be mandatory for all students and therapists working in the challenging field of domestic violence and family advocacy.

Important research was reviewed that established evidence that family violence cannot be stereotyped and that each instance should be therapeutically treated with the same respect we provide to individual clients.

The fact that both men and women have been victims of violence throughout the generations can no longer be ignored. It was clear, from the research presented, that better assistance is needed to address the needs of all victims of violence: male or female, child or adult.

This conference provided guest speakers from around the globe with incredible insights regarding the topic. Some of the highlights for me were:

  • The discussions about the development of attachment and its role in the adult intimate relationship
  • Trauma and the impact on brain development in infants
  • Exciting new pathways working with mothers and infants at risk, as a prevention of potential familial violence
Thank you sincerely for putting on a conference that was so well thought out, with excellent research, passionate speakers and great ideas for new methods of intervention! (Sorry to be so long-winded, but so much was covered. What a great experience!)

Lori Harral, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Super Social Skills
Murrieta, CA
Attended: 2009

This was an excellent conference! I was so impressed by the line-up of speakers, as it captured so many leading voices within the field of intimate partner violence. I really appreciated the diversity of topics, along with the different areas of research that were covered. I definitely left feeling enriched, and look forward to next year's conference!

Kimberly Flemke, PhD
Asst. Professor, Couple & Family Therapy Dept.
Philadelphia, PA
Attended: 2009

Nice to get a different perspective. I thought the conference and accommodations were very professionally done. Thanks!

Marriage and Family therapist
San Luis Obispo, CA
Attended: 2009 2008

Excellent conference. A good balance between research and practice. I appreciated that everyone's presentation was based on new and innovative ideas, rather than the same old recycled material. This conference put forth two incredibly important messages:

  1. Violence by both members of the couple is quite common. Professionals can't assume that one person is solely the victim and the other the perpetrator.
  2. Treatment needs to be assessment-based, in that cookie-cutter approaches will not address the full range of causes of violence with any individual/couple.

Well done!

Daniel Sonkin, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Independent Practice
Sausalito, CA
Attended: 2009


We certainly want to continue our efforts and begin to plan the next conference. This is where you can help. We need to start fundraising now to help offset the costs of doing these conferences. Registration fees do not cover all of the costs, and many of the presenters waived their normal speaker's fees for this first-of-its-kind historic event. Please donate now.