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  • Paul Stroub: Vise President and Treasurer
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Advisory Committee

Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is a member of the Institute for Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, the International Association of Divorce Financial Planners, the Financial Divorce Association and a Licensed California Real Estate Mortgage Broker. Ms. Ashley is the author of several books, author of numerous divorce-related articles, and speaks at seminars and to regional groups addressing the financial elements of divorce. She holds a Masters Degree from Sonoma State University, a Bachelors Degree from Dominican College of San Rafael, and has over 100 hours of training in Mediation. She is also Certified in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Ms. Ashley is a member of the American Bar Association's Family Law section.

Adam A. Andersen

Adam A. Andersen is an attorney and received his formal education at The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia (B.A., 1981) and The American University, Washington College of Law, Washington, District of Columbia (J.D., 1984).

Mr. Andersen was Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Gateway, Inc. from March 2004 until he retired in May 2005. Mr. Andersen previously served as eMachines, Inc.'s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining eMachines, Mr. Andersen served as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer beginning in 1998 at Wireless Fulfillment Service, LLC, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Brightpoint, Inc. From 1990 to 1998, he served as a member of the senior management team at AT&T Wireless' San Francisco-based Cellular One operation. Mr. Andersen was also an associate at the law firm of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro.

Adam is also the doting and dedicated Father of two fantastic girls, ages 8 and 10.  He shares legal and physical custody of his girls with their Mother.

Dr. Christopher Ho

Dr. Christopher Ho is a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Japan and moved to the United States when he was 18 years old. He attended Stanford University, where he received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science. He then attended USC for his medical degree and went to UCLA for his dermatology training. Currently, he is in private practice and also teaches at UCLA.

Dr. Ho speaks both Japanese and Chinese and has strong ties with the Asian community in Los Angeles. He is a consultant for the Japanese American nursing home and volunteers his time at health fairs.

Dr. Ho is a proud father of one and shares custody of his son.

David R. Burroughs

Maryland and New Jersey Attorney at Law; Founder & Chair of the Forum for Equity & Fairness in Family Issues; Co-Director and Legislative Consultant for Safe Homes for Children & Families Coalition; Member of the Cecil County Family Violence Coordinating Council; Member of the American Bar Association's Family Law Section Domestic Violence Committee.

Mr. Burroughs is recognized as a leading advocate and expert on the issue of victims of domestic violence. He is a recipient of the John A. Myers Award from the highly respected statewide organization in New Jersey, The Traumatic Grief Center (formerly South New Jersey Survivors of Violent Crime) for his "passionate efforts to serve, protect and advocate for all victims of domestic violence." Referred to as a "crusader from my state on this [male victims] issue" by Sen. Joe Biden at the July 19, 2005, Judiciary Committee Hearing on the reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act.

Dr. Donald Dutton Ph.D.

Donald Dutton received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Toronto in 1970. After receiving training as a group therapist at Cold Mountain Institute, he co-founded the Assaultive Husbands Project in 1979, a court mandated treatment program for men convicted of wife assault. He has published more than 100 papers and several books, including the Domestic Assault of Women (UBC Press, 1995), The Batterer: A Psychological Profile (Basic Books, 1995), and The Abusive Personality (Guilford Press, 2006), Rethinking Domestic Violence (UBC Press 2006) and The Psychology of Genocide, Massacres and Extreme Violence ( Praeger, 2007). The Batterer has been translated into French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Polish. His latest work, Rethinking Domestic Violence (UBC Press, 2006), includes an examination of how the gender paradigm developed in domestic violence research and policy. His other recent books include a review of recent research on personality disorder, developmental neuroscience and intimate abusiveness (The Abusive Personality, 3rd ed., 2006), and an explanation and the psychology of genocide and military massacres (The Psychology of Genocide, Massacres and Extreme Violence, Praeger, 2007).  Dutton has frequently served as an expert witness in both criminal and civil trials involving domestic abuse . He is currently Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

James Dunn

James Dunn earned a bachelor's degree in writing with studies in psychology, philosophy and mathematics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He holds a master's degree in organizational psychology.

Mr. Dunn worked four years in the California State Bar coordinating a statewide arbitration program to resolve disputes between attorneys and their clients. He wrote administratively for the State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization, staffing its Board of Directors and committees, including a committee on certifying Family Law Specialists. He volunteered as mediator and a mediation skills trainer for Community Boards in San Francisco, and was leader for one of the most challenged neighborhoods.

He wrote for a weekly newspaper and worked stints as copy editor and correspondent for The Press Democrat, a New York Times publication. He went on to become editor and owner of a regional business magazine, Sonoma Business. After a decade as editor, including eight years as owner-publisher, he sold the magazine in year 2000 to pursue in-depth writing projects.

Mr. Dunn is a proud father of one. Remarried, he and his wife make their home in Sonoma County, California.

John Eisendrath

John Eisendrath is currently in development with Touchstone Television after completing three successful seasons as executive producer of ABC's Alias. In 2003, Eisendrath created and produced eleven episodes of the critically acclaimed series, Playmakers, for ESPN.

Born and raised in Chicago, Mr. Eisendrath graduated from Brown University. He worked in journalism as editor of The Washington Monthly magazine and then in Chicago as a producer for CBS News. Mr. Eisendrath moved to Los Angeles and began working as a staff writer on the series TV 101. Following that, he co-created and executive produced the series WIOU.

In the 1995-96 television season, Mr. Eisendrath joined Beverly Hills 90210, which he executive produced for its last three seasons. From there he landed at Felicity, where he spent one season as an executive producer. Mr. Eisendrath currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and four children.

John Hamel, LCSW

John Hamel acquired both his B.A. in Psychology (1986) and Masters in Social Welfare (1988) from the University of California at Los Angeles, and was licensed as an LCSW (LCS 15194) in November, 1989.  Since 1991, he has been Director of John Hamel & Associates, with offices in Walnut Creek, Berkeley and San Rafael, California.  Mr. Hamel and his associates provide a wide range of clinical, consultation and training services.  His areas of expertise are in the assessment and treatment of anger management and family violence, as well as substance abuse and co-dependency.  Specialized clinical services include a substance abuse relapse prevention group, family violence assessments (including specialized assessments in disputed-child custody cases), victim services and advocacy (including victim support groups), and treatment programs for angry and violent men, women, couples, parents and teens.  Although many of his clients are voluntary participants, many are referred from Family Court or Child Protective Services, or mandated by the courts to participate in either a batterer treatment program, or a parenting program. 

Mr. Hamel has provided consultation and training for mental health professionals, batterer intervention providers, shelter workers and victim advocates, court mediators and evaluators, teachers, attorneys and law enforcement; and has spoken on family violence at a number of events.  He is a pioneer in the development of the gender-inclusive approach to domestic violence, a newly-emerging, empirically-based model of research and treatment.  His trainings been praised both for their innovative look at theory and policy, as well as their abundance of practical, hands-on intervention tools.  Mr. Hamel has also served as an expert court witness on the subject of family violence, and has testified before the California Legislature on domestic violence public policy.  His first book, Gender-Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse:  A Comprehensive Approach, was published in 2005 by Springer Publishing.  His second book, co-edited with Tonia Nicholls, PhD, is Family Interventions in Domestic Violence:  A Handbook of Gender-Inclusive Theory and Treatment (Springer, 2007), and includes contributions from the most respected experts in the field.  His most recent book, Intimate partner and family abuse:  A casebook of gender-inclusive therapy (Springer, 2008), includes chapters by clinicians from the United States and several other countries, and is the first domestic violence casebook to include extensive case studies of both male and female perpetrators and victims.  Mr. Hamel is a founding member of the Family Violence Treatment and Education Association (www.FAVTEA.com), as well as the National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center (www.NFVLRC.org).

Richard Davis

Richard Davis is a retired lieutenant from the Brockton, Massachusetts, Police Department. He has a graduate degree in criminal justice from Anna Maria College and another in liberal arts from Harvard University. He is the author of Domestic Violence: Facts and Fallacies and numerous print and online articles concerning domestic violence and its intersection with the criminal justice system. He is a member of the International Honor Society of Historians and an instructor for Quincy College at Plymouth. He is the father of three daughters and two sons. He expects and demands that all five of his children share the same rights and opportunities.

William S. Comanor, Ph.D.

William S. Comanor is Professor of Health Services at U.C.L.A. and also Professor of Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Comanor received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University in 1964. Since completing his dissertation on The Economics of Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry, that subject has been one of his primary interests. He has written and lectured on various topics in this area, and founded the Research Program he now directs. From 1991 through 1993, he served on the Advisory Panel of a Federal Government Study on Pharmaceutical Research and Development, and from 1978 through 1980 was Chief Economist and Director of the Bureau of Economics at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.

Professor William Comanor recently published The Law and Economics of Child Support Payments (Edward Elgar, 2004).


Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson was born in San Bernardino and spent 20 years in professional motor sports in Can Am, IMSA, F2000, Formula Atlantic, Indy Cars and NASCAR series working as mechanic, fabricator, crew chief, engineer and car owner.

Mr. Robinson has also been politically active since 1972 and worked as a media person at the Sacramento campaign headquarters of Ross Perot in 1992. He has been a tireless advocate for reform to California's family laws since 1998. His efforts have been instrumental on many family law bills, including the passage of California's paternity fraud reform bill (AB 252).

Mr. Robinson also played a crucial role in keeping Los Angeles County vs. Navarro, the land mark ruling on paternity fraud, from being depublished. Despite the clear import of this decision, Los Angeles County petitioned the State Supreme Court to have the case depublished. Mr. Robinson's efforts -- including getting legislative members of the California Senate and Assembly to write letters opposing depublication -- were vital to keeping this important case published.

Mr. Robinson, along with John Eisendrath, a Los Angeles television writer and one-time executive producer of ABC's hit show Alias, was instrumental in defeating SB 730. This bill would have gutted a California Supreme Court decision (In re marriage of LaMusga) that granted more equality to divorced fathers in child-custody disputes. This bill would have required California's Family Court judges to ignore a child's "best interest" in cases where the custodial parent wants to move with a child to another city or state.

Michael is the proud father of four children: Jason, Elise, Emily and Ellen.

Paul Stroub

Paul Stroub is a CPA and long time advocate for parents and children as president of the Sacramento Chapter of Children's Rights Council, bringing this experience to CAFC.