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Friday, February 16, 2007

FAVTEA / CAFC: Call For Reform Training Conference Major Success.

The Family Violence Treatment & Education Association (FAVTEA) and The California Alliance for Families & Children (CAFC) are pleased to announce that their February 2, 2007 conference, “Domestic Violence: A Call for Reform,” held in Sacramento, California, was a resounding success. Ninety-eight percent of attendees rated the conference positively. The consensus was that the presentations were a timely and refreshing alternative to what is typically offered at domestic violence trainings, and that the information given more accurately reflected the attendees’ actually experiences in the field of domestic violence.

The presentations included the most recent and accurate information on domestic violence. In addition to the serious and ongoing problem of domestic violence upon women, other, less-frequently addressed topics were also addressed, including the problem of female-perpetrated abuse and its effects on male partners and children. The conference addressed the serious problems of false allegations and how restraining orders are increasingly being used a tactical weapon in child custody cases, and the limits of California’s “one-size-fits-all” psychoeducational group model of intervention, with its exaggerated emphasis on male perpetrator/female victim distinctions. Flaws in mandatory arrest policies were addressed by several presenters, including a woman whose husband was convicted of felony spousal abuse despite her passionate objections, and the fact that the incident involved no battering, but rather a case of mutual high conflict with injuries accidentally inflicted. Specific recommendations for policy reforms were offered, and these were very well received.

A large number of attendees said that the training was too brief, and requested that a second conference be held on the topic of domestic violence policy reform, but extending over two days, with break out sessions. In response, we have begun the planning for such a conference, tentatively scheduled for some time in January, 2008, and to be held once again in Sacramento. As requested, the conference will take place over two days and include breakout sessions on a variety of topics related to domestic violence public policy. The conference will also feature widely-respected experts from across the country, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Although we have only begun to contact possible speakers, we already have a commitment from one of the world’s most respected figures, Dr. Donald Dutton of the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Our recent conference cost nearly $7.000.00 to put on, and a two day event will cost even more, so we are starting the fund raising efforts right way. We will have to cover airfare, hotel and accommodations for some of the presenters. Please be generous and make your tax deductible donation here: Donations urgently needed or send a check made out to CAFC and mail to Attn: Paul Stroub 1380 Lead Hill Blvd. Suite 106 Roseville, CA 95661.
We want to thank Don Saxton, Dr Christopher Ho, Ray Blumhorst, Marc Angleucci, Adryenn Ashley and all those who have been long time supporters for their on going generosity and giving. Our efforts and this conference would not have been possible without them.

For additional information contact: John Hamel johnmhamel@comcast.net or Michael Robinson info@cafcusa.org .